Tampon printingThis method consists of indirecttransfer of ink by means of a mould which has been engraved in low relief.
It is the most common method used on small objects such as pens. Due to its versatility, it adapts to curvilinear forms and is the most economical solution for various products. Used on: pens, USB flash drives, footballs, among other things.


Screen printing
is a printing technique which provides trustworthy and long lasting results.
A method of printing designs on a surface by means of a thin cloth on which ink is forced through with a rubber pad. This method may be used on smooth surfaces, printing in high definition even with more than one colour. Recommended for large quantities.


transfers a design from paper onto another surface by means of heat.
Sublimation has the advantage of being able to be used on concave surfaces, producing well defined designs (ideal for photographic reproduction). It also results in a design highly resistant to extreme temperatures.



The well-known embroidery technique allows customization on good quality fabrics with great quality and perfection.
Embroidery replicates designs with a large variety of colours and distinct lines.



This method consists of transferring a printed design on paper onto another surface by means of heat. Enables even results on various types of fabrics and is very economic for multicolour printing on small quantities.