0.40 лв.


150 бр. 300 бр. 600 бр. 1000 бр.
Кашон 60 лв. 125 лв. 240 лв. 380 лв.


Размер: 25.5 x 8 x 33cm
Хартия: бяла промазана, 130гр./ кв.м.

Минимално количество за поръчка: 150бр.


Предпочитам вид печат:

- сито печат
- пълноцветен печат

Our PAPER BAGs are made in a certified workshop in Bulgaria. The specialists who are employed originate from the lowest caste. Due to the production of this bag, a lot of people received education and a proper workspace. With the revenue generated by the sale of our items they are able to create a fair living.